As I’ve posted in various places, Ironfleet is and will always be a small corporation. I formed it to give a leg up to a real life friend of mine, his son, and a crew of his son’s friends, who got enticed (by me) into EVE after we’d all been gaming together for years. Most of these folks have gone on to bigger and better things in Eve, finding the salvage life to be variously, too exciting (not enough mission running you see) or not exciting enough (not enough PvP). But they’ve all stayed loyal, which is handy when we get one of our rare war declarations because they can come back and help spread the lesson that Marlenus in his “helpless badger” is not the only corporate military asset.

(Ok, truth in advertising requires me to admit that “help spread the lesson” sometimes translates to “provide more targets for our enemies to camp in station while we all play Battlefield II on the dedicated in-house twitch-gaming network.” Ironfleet is not a combat corporation and we have a rigid policy against making wardecs against us profitable or fun. It’s very handy to have young members with PvP enthusiasm, but we are careful to avoid ever giving good sport. The best way to “win” a war when you’re in the salvage business is for your enemy to grow bored and go away.)

I am uninterested in expanding Ironfleet, because Ironfleet is all about accumulating stuff, and the game frankly sucks at providing convenient tools for managing corporate security. Too much hassle, I’m not interested. So, as I’ve posted before, nobody gets into Ironfleet unless I know them in real life and can “get my fingers around their neck” if they screw me.

That’s at once deadly serious (because I’m not kidding about the inflexibility of the policy) and hilariously funny. The funny part comes in because of who I am, who my friends are, and the complete and utter implausibility that there’d ever be violence between us because of a computer game.

This moment of reflection was prompted by a forum post that reminded me that other folks really are a bit more direct in their interpersonal relationships. This is sad and funny at the same time. Zwerg from October Snow writes:

uhm, i accidently smartbombed my uncle’s pod in 0.0, high-grade crystals….

well he beaten me up in rl for this

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