About Ironfleet

Ironfleet Towing And Salvage is a player corporation in the online multiplayer space game called EVE Online.

Ironfleet is a very loose association of pilots who enjoy finding, getting, and moving stuff. Shipwrecks, jettisoned cargo, abandoned ships, lost drones, unanchored storage cans, whatever: If it’s loose in space, we can move it, and we probably will. If it’s not nailed down, it’s ours — and if we can pry it up, it’s not nailed down! (Heavy missiles make great crowbars.)

Our motto: “No loot left behind.”

Our mascot: A Civilian Shield Booster (on its way to our hangar for refining). Because we’re serious about the motto.

We are not a PvP corporation, we don’t duel, pirate, 1v1, or fight because of smacktalk. However, we do shoot back when fired upon, if the odds seem favorable. (Please note: Your Covetor mining barge probably cannot kill one of our transport ships, but thank you in advance for the Strip Miners.)

2009 update: The preceding paragraph, which dates to the founding of the Ironfleet.com website, is left unchanged for historical purposes. Ironfleet is a bit more aggressive these days, so if I were writing it today, I’d put it like this:

We are not a PvP-focused corporation, we don’t duel, pirate for income, 1v1, or allow smacktalk to goad us into fights. However, we do shoot back when fired upon, if the odds seem favorable; and we’ll shoot first when it looks like a good way to put salvage in the cargo hold.

We are not recruiting. Our CEO does not secure the corporate hangars, and is consequently uninterested in having members he does not know personally (so that he can get fingers around their physical necks if need be).

(Oh yes, and for complex historical reasons, it’s important to note: VampireZim drinks carrot juice!)