I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about exactly why Ironfleet Towing And Salvage is not a fan of VampireZim, the notorious carrot juice drinker and wearer of feminine undergarments. For now, it suffices to say he was the first serious asshole we encountered in Eve. (To be fair, we did him an injury first, so he, too, would be justified in holding a grudge.)

I was a little bit dismayed to notice the other day that he’s joined the Caldari militia.

So today, I was undocking as he was docking, me in a disposable Caracal (same thing I was flying when first we met, though I thought more highly of it then) and him in his Crow. He locks me, in high sec. Yeah, yeah, “and a friendly greeting to you, too.”

For the next five minutes he followed me around, keeping me locked. I was loaded for small targets and I was really hoping he’d be foolish enough to pull the trigger, but sadly, no.

Then I looked at militia chat. Hmm, who do you suppose was being talked about?

VampireZIM > can you shoot other militia people in high sec? can you shoot them in low sec?
jameszhao55 > yes to both
Vibenation 2 > yes
VampireZIM > really? so its like being in the same corp then?
The Balance > yes.
jameszhao55 > no wardecced
Vibenation 2 > well more like war target
The Balance > same thing in this situation.
VampireZIM > i mean, same militia, not war targets
VampireZIM > so let me get this straight, you can fire on other state militia in secure space?
Steve Celeste > duh
Steve Celeste > its a war
Tiger K > sigh
VampireZIM > steve, you know what STATE MILITIA is?
Tiger K > the question is can a member of state protectorate, as in the caldari militia, fire upon another member of the CALDARI militia in highsec
Krall Amarr > No tiger
Isikana > nop
Tiger K > there vampire :p
VampireZIM > ok, thats what i thought, so its like a regular alliance
Isikana > -sec loss, -cal state stanging loss for engaging a fellow militia member

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