I was out close to down time, trying to find and close some defensive FW complexes. Got booted out of one by a trio of Gallente plexers, but not before bookmarking their wrecks. So, after they left the system, I went back to clean up.

So far, in my experience, plex loot consists of Navy tags plus a very light sprinkling of T1 modules, usually fairly low meta-level stuff. Very light loot over all.

Then I found, in a medium wreck, several T1 modules, plus a tag, plus a short brick (100) Caldari Navy Havoc Heavy Missiles. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Faction ammo? In plex loot? Cool.

That makes me wonder whether other faction items might ever spawn as uber-rare items in the loot tables. Readers, have any of you found anything interesting on the faction warfare NPCs?

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  1. Calthrop says:

    I don’t think it is related to factional warfare, but I do find single pieces of faction ammo sitting a few kilometers off a station sometimes. You have to be subtle about taking them though. If you just approach and loot you’ll get blown up, but if you use a bookmark and warp to zero you can get away. Also, the cans usually have funny names like “FREE LOOT” or “Cupcakes”.

  2. Marlenus says:


  3. Dultanara says:

    Hahahaha, nice Calthrop…

    Glad to see you’re still going strong Marlenus :) Long time reader, finally posting a comment!

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