Today in my daily belt sweep I found a Covetor (been awhile since I saw one of those) mining into a jet can. Pilot was Achaja1980, member of a corp called K-Gene Armed Mining. Hmm, maybe these guys will fight for their ore?

When I returned in my trusty Crane, also present were two combat ships, baby ones, a Merlin and something else. Merlin was flying a K-Gene corp tag, and sure enough, he locked me up and started shooting when I flipped the (almost full) jet can. Trouble is, my Crane doesn’t have its inherent +2 warp stabilization any more, and even a Merlin can kill me eventually if I can’t escape. Especially with some friendly drones flying off the mining barge, which remains a possibility. So, I boogied.

And came back in a stealth bomber.

Sadly, nobody was there but the Covetor pilot. I cloaked, she left. I lingered to defend my new can full of ore.

Achaja180 came back in a Ferox. Cool, I thought, she’s going to flip the can back, then defend it until she goes non-blinky, I’ve got fifteen minutes to figure out what I’ve got that can crack a Ferox.

Only, she didn’t flip. She just looked around and left, apparently for good.

Once all aggression was gone, I went home, got a Bustard, and hauled home my new jet can full of ore. But I’m still confused. What’s the point of being armed miners if you don’t try to fight? They had more pilots than me, giving them a huge tactical advantage that should have ensured I didn’t go home with any ore. Puzzling.

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