Sorry I haven’t had a lot of updates recently; it’s been busy in real life and in-game, I’ve been flying a covert ops ship, scouting for the TEARS alliance in their recent war. That started off as a big deal, against a fairly large industrial alliance called the Coalition of The Extraordinary:


They brought some fight, Suddenly Ninjas was having a lot of fun and (with some other TEARS people) even killed an unescorted Orca (!). I spent a lot of time looking for more targets like that one, but I never really had much success, and thus, didn’t have anything to report here.

Then a couple more corps saw how much fun we were having, so they declared against COE also; COE, sensibly enough, hired mercenaries. That didn’t have the desired effect (the new TEARS allies had fun shooting at REPO, but TEARS kept hunting CEO) and now CEO appears to be in a failure cascade, with most of its members leaving in the last 24 hours. I suppose they may plan to re-marry after the war, but for now, CEO seems to be an empty shell of its former self:


All of which sounds exciting enough, but for me, it was a war that consisted of flying endless jumps, finding a system with war targets, confirming that they are all solidly docked up, waiting around for awhile to see if that changed (it never did, for me) and moving on.

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