Found a ship in the “unknown” w-space next door to Greater Mars. It was a Magnate (Amarr astrometrics frigate) named “Life Raft” and belonging to No Salvation [NO SA] corp in the Blackguard Coalition . It was drifting, abandoned, at a moon; its only fittings, a core probe launcher and ten core probes.

I’ve considered doing this myself — bringing a spare probing ship and dropping it at a safe so that if my ship meets misadventure at Sleeper hands, I don’t have to pod myself to escape from the wormhole system. It’s a reasonable tactic, made less reasonable by the fact that, with current probing tech, there’s no good way to hide these things.

It’s handsome little frigate. I think I’ll keep it.

6 Responses to “First Ship Salvage In W-Space”

  1. Shae Tiann says:

    This has my approval.
    *cracks up*

  2. MailDeadDrop says:

    What do you think of the idea of parking trial accounts flying scan-bonused frigates (e.g. Heron) with a core launcher and a complement of probes? Occupied logged-off ships are not probable iirc (after a few minutes). If your podded “character-to-be-rescued” has more than 300M in implants plugged in, it makes financial sense to pay for a PLEX to activate the appropriate trial account, log in, warp to a rendezvous, eject, and self-destruct. Then train the 3 newbs on that formerly trial account towards something more useful, like a CovOps. When the end of the paid period approaches, go park the character back in another wspace.


  3. Marlenus says:

    Well, you could do this with the “other two” slots on your main account, too, if you aren’t using them, and then it wouldn’t cost you.

    I personally have never put anything close to 300m in my head, and I certainly wouldn’t take a clone into w-space that had anything like that kind of metal.

  4. MailDeadDrop says:

    With roughly 2,500 wspaces, I’m thinking this would be more of an alliance’s undertaking…

  5. Marlenus says:

    Um, you don’t have to put a lifeboat in every space, just preposition one in the space you’re about to go fight in.

  6. MailDeadDrop says:

    Peculiarly enough, I found an abandoned Drake in a w-space today. It was in orbit around a sun, and named “OOPS!!!!”. There were no probes in the launcher or the cargohold. As cheap and as small as probes are, why aren’t people carrying several reloads? /me scratches head…

    Anyways, I sent a note to the former owner, letting them know their ship now has a new home so that they no longer have to worry about it.

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