Whoa. Marlenus here, just back from a more than two-year vacation in the clone vats. New Eden is almost unrecognizable. The laws of have changed and everybody shoots at me now when I salvage those hazard-to-navigation jet cans. Lots of new boats, and none of my old boats work right, all kinds of the wrong gear duct-taped to the hull where there used to be open equipment bays. But change is good, right?

Jim Bridger is back, too, and he’s returned to Ironfleet after many years away. He has a complaint about the inevitable memory loss that results from too long a sleep in the vats. Specifically, he’d like to know WHY IN HELL he has a Thrasher in dock in Adacyne named “Return of Tubgirl.” Anybody?

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  1. Paul Clavet says:

    Oh no you don’t, Marlenus. I unsubscribed from nearly all the Eve RSS feeds, and then you go sneaking up and bringing up the fact that Eve exists again. Don’t do this to me.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Ha! I thought I was clear for good, too. But then one day I started wondering what was going on in EVE. And on another day, I read a couple of patch notes. One thing led to another…

    I really doubt this will be a long trip this time. But I’m going to consolidate all my assets from three accounts (it looks like at least 10-20 billion when you add up all the hoarded stuff) and burn them buying plexes for my gametime. If I stick that long, I’ll go out broke when I go.

  3. Anders Jensen says:

    *Old RSS flicker to life again*
    Great to se you back; you migth just lure me again from the steel bohemoths of WoT and back after an equally long vacation from Eve.
    Unfortunnally if I return, the first task will be something annoying, tedious and willpowerdraining – cleaning up my hangars across the universe…

  4. Marlenus says:

    I am FLATTERED that anybody kept me in their RSS feeds after all this time.

    And Anders: I know, huh? WoT is what’s provided all my gaming fixes since I left EVE. And now, all I’m doing is flying around in my Bustard accumulating my far-flung assets. Jim Bridger actually accumulated a *ton* of wealth during his last few months in the game, ratting in 0.0 — but even though his corp jumped it all out to lowsec for him during one of their many sov-related evacuations, it’s all just a *bit* tricky to repatriate to high sec, especially all the rigged ships.

    I’ll NEVER get all my hangars clean. But due to some smart region-wide buy orders of assets that have appreciated while I was gone, I have a ton of stuff that’s worth picking up.

  5. Marlenus says:

    The other thing I’m doing is rescuing jump clones. I never really had any until Jim was in 0.0 corps with stations; I never had the faction to get any. And now I’m finding that most of the ones I do have, are parked in player-owned stations that don’t like me these days. So there’s a ton of time gone, jumping in, selling any local assets, and then Leroy-Jenkinsing back to secure space or (in NPC space where I can use the fitting services) buying a probing ship and exploring a safer way home through wormhole space. It wouldn’t matter except that all of these clones seem to have expensive implants. No losses yet (keeps fingers crossed).

  6. Druur Monakh says:

    “I am FLATTERED that anybody kept me in their RSS feeds after all this time.”

    That’s what RSS feeds are good for: forgetting noone. Good to see you again!

  7. Kirith Kodachi says:

    Welcome back Marlenus! I look forward to hearing more from you…

  8. pjharvey says:

    Welcome back!

  9. Lei Merdeau says:

    I deleted Jester but couldn’t bring myself to delete your link. A recent missclick and :)

  10. Marlenus says:

    Hah! And three cheers for mis-clicks.

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