One of the salvage activities I’ve enjoyed from my first weeks in the game is “busting” deep safespots. Back in the day — before probing was improved — it was apparently pretty safe to leave ships and gear drifting in safe spots far from the ecliptic. These days, not so safe. But it can still take quite a lot of scanning to find small items in deep safes. And it’s a lot of fun looking, you never know what you’ll find. I’ve found cruisers, industrials, cans full of torpedoes, once a shuttle full of expensive blueprints.

Today I found an old safespot, one belonging to a player who started in 2004. There was an anchored Giant Secure Can full of large ammo (which I can’t get at, drat it, unless I can guess the password), an empty shuttle named Cargo Container, and a combat-fitted Merlin frigate named — you guessed it — Cargo Container. Not a treasure, but fun to find. And of course I’ll save the location against the day that they ever decide to let stale unused Giant Secure Containers float free of their anchors. Scoop!

2 Responses to “Busting Deep Safespots”

  1. Halsey says:

    Back when Band of Brothers declared war on all Aridia residents, we began scouting their space for fun and profitable targets. Its amazing the kind of tech 2 stuff they leave just floating in safe spots… we bagged a bunch of cruisers, haulers, and even got an interceptor with a cloak + skillbooks in its cargo hold.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Sweet! I’ve mostly been operating in secure space for the safety of my implants, but I’m working on getting a jump clone and going out to look for better salvage in the parts of the galaxy where a dock isn’t quite so handy.

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