It was just like last time. There I was, minding my own business, autopiloting in a speed-fitted Executioner (frigate) around the galaxy collecting parts to build a couple of Gravity Capacitor Upgrade rigs.

Yeah. Sad to say, the tissue-paper Heron onto which I fitted the last pair had an unfortunate accident after jumping through a mission acceleration gate. Nobody said the life of a salvage explorer was easy.

Anyway, I came through a jumpgate and spotted a fat Armageddon wreck about thirty clicks out. Zoom zoom, it’s full of cheap large lasers (ten of them!) and supporting cap gear. More than will fit in my frigate hold.

Take a load to nearest station, come back. Now there’s a Condor orbiting the wreck, with a name suggesting an alt of the wreck owner. Apparently there’s no agro, because he orbits quietly while I finish looting the wreck and turn on my salvagers.

Bonus! Salvage is six melted capacitor consoles, very likely worth more than all the heavy lasers and related gear.

“Oh, the salvage life
is the life for me
with a rum tum tiddly-um rum tum tee
and I never ever ever give a fig about the weather
for the salvager’s life is the life for meeee!”

3 Responses to “Battleship Salvage”

  1. Jastra says:

    Great blog. Most enjoyable EVE related blog I’ve seen!

  2. Actanna Levh says:

    Executioner ? That seems such an unusual choice.
    Surely Minmatar Frigates would be a more sensible choice ?

    Slasher: Faster, extra highslot
    Vigil : slower + but extra high + more cargo
    Rifter : 4 highs, fair speed and good durability

    Though personally I use the Destroyer + MWD combination

  3. Marlenus says:

    Thanks, Jastra!

    Actanna, I’ve got small fast frigates scattered all over the place for moving small cargoes. Most of them are ones I’ve found for free while probing in various systems. They are all speed fitted and they all have salvagers in the high slots, but what I actually use them for is running six jumps over to pick up a small purchase. Pretty much any frigate would do; I even have some noobie frigates fitted out for utility work. Pure disposability is the goal; these aren’t salvage vessels, they are courier vessels that sometimes salvage targets of opportunity.

    The Executioner isn’t as fast as the Slasher, but it’s plenty fast for racing salvage destroyers to a juicy wreck at the stargate.

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