The war continues, if you can call the occasional “sight the enemy in local” a war. We did give friend Eidelon a chance to launch his drones today, but not enough time to achieve target lock. And we made a HUGE salvage haul thanks to him, so we’re buying his after-action Quafe.

It all happened like this. I was sitting in a station helping corpmate Jim Bridger refit his destroyer. He was feeling some power pain, so I rummaged up a rig from the corporate stash for him. Alas, he was short on a rigging skill, so I sent him to the nearest school to, well, get schooled.

But of course, there’s a war on, so we check local first. Yup, Eidelon is lurking. No worries Jim, just be alert.

Jim undocks. Sure enough, Eidelon is camping us. Jim warps away just as the drones pop out. He is not targeted, nor is he followed. His is, presumably, not the corpse Eidelon is being paid to obtain.

Me, I think it would be fun to have a little friend watch Eidelon for awhile, somebody he can’t currently shoot at. It just so happens I have a little friend parked a few jumps away, so I logged out, logged in my little friend, and started jumping back.

And on my way back…

My little friend. Anonymous character in an anonymous corp. Less than a million skillpoints. In a disposable frigate. And what to my wondering eye should appear, but about a half dozen battleships slugging it out at a jumpgate?

I sit at the jumpgate at zero meters, watching the slide show. It’s a busy system, there are at least ten ships involved in close combat around me, and at least thirty drones. My frame rate is, shall we say, teh suck.

Boom. Somebody goes boom. With a big boom. Did I mention the boom?

Click wreck in overview. It’s in range. Open wreck. First item: “True Sansha….” I stop reading, after that it’s a mass of Tech II icons. Grab grab grab! I think I sprained my mousing wrist I was grabbing so fast.

Dragging complete. Can we get a screen update please? I’d really like to jump out now.

One dead Minmitar, two dead Minmitars, three dead Minmitars, four dead Minmitars, five dead Minmitars, six dead Minmitars, any second now guys, you can update my screen, show me the empty wreck, let me jump!

Seven dead Minmitars, eight dead Minmitars, nine dead Minmitars… finally!

Loot in cargo hold, right click on gate, jump jump jump. Traffic control, we are ready (oh so ready!) to jump.

We jump. We dock. We dance around the station with glee and relief. We examine the loot.

It’s verrah nice. Not counting a regular warp core stabilizer, there was:

1x True Sansha Medium Energy Neutralizer (10+ million ISK ea)
3x E50 Prototype Energy Vampire (7 million ISK ea)
1x Invulnerability Field II (5 million ISK ea)
1x Large Shield Extender II (5 million ISK ea)
1x Warp Disrupter II (5 million ISK)
4x Shield Power Relay II (7 million ISK)

Those are conservative estimates of loot value based on current market orders. More than 75 million ISK worth of salvage, minimal possibility of blowback, and it’s all because of our mercenary friend.

Eidelon, this Quafe’s for you! {Hoists glass, drinks.}

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