Hey ho, Jim Bridger here.

Big Mar tole me about our new friends from ACME, said he stopped by to wave at a mining op tonight and clean up some broken wrecks that was layin about. Left a fat juicy can of ore because he was flyin his fancy salvage frig that he dont want to lose.

Made me smile. Since I got the interdictor, I havnt had time to do much salvage. Got my cheap old fleet of salvage destroyers just gatherin space dust and gettin lonely. So I pulled one out — The good ship “Iron Stick” I think it was, grabbed a bookmark from Mar, and went to have a looksee.

Sure enough, came out of warp next to a fat can. Was right in the middle of a big fat cloud of drones, mix of mining and combat, was a barge and a cruiser and I think a frigate all right on top of me.

Of course Big Mar has paved the way, reputation-wise that is, cause they was all locking me up before I even had time to hitch up my pants or say howdie.

Got down to busness, jetted me a can, put it on the tractor, locked up as many drones as I could, salvaged the drifting ore, and began haulin’ wood out of that clusterfrick.

Overview turned to flashy red, my shields startedto get a smidge melty, and I blazed away for a bit at the drones. Not much joy, not with the ammo I was packin and no webber on board. How about that cruiser? Is he tanked decent, or is this one of them mining cruisers with a thin crunchy outer shell and a tasty cream-filled middle?

“Plinkety plinkety plinkety plinkety plink!”

(That’s the sound of small arty rounds bouncing off the cruiser.)

No joy, time ta go. Cant winnem all, and there’s still a buncha ore in an Ironfleet can, heck we might even keep it if they don’t flip it back right quick, I’ve seen Mar do crazy things with his haulers sometimes.

Then I start to think: How many points of scramble do they got on me? I didnt see any scramble messages, but I wuz busy. Can I warp?

I can warp. Yay!

Docked safe, honked at Big Mar, he sez he’ll go have a look. But, by the time he got there, they stripped our can (or maybe blew it, they dint have long) and went home, nobody and nuthin left but some cans-o-rat-loot. Which he snagged, the way he is about leaving loot behind — so, not a total waste of ammo, just almost.

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  1. Marlenus says:

    Hey, I got a Civilian Shield Booster for the collection. As the CEO of this outfit, I say that’s always a good use of ammo!

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