After all the excitement yesterday, it took me awhile to process the incoming intel.

It turns out that AC-ME is moving! I can’t really believe it’s in response to the war with Ironfleet, but the explanation to the AC-ME rank and file seems to have been some version of “too many ore thieves in Isaziwa.”

Apparently (and this is unsourced rumor) a number of AC-ME members chose to leave the corp and remain in Isaziwa, rather than join in the exodus.

As for the exodus itself, word “on the street” was that the new home is to be in Rairomon, only six or eight jumps away. When I left Isaziwa following the route proposed by my autopilot, it took me to Oiniken, Ahynada, then through Ahynada to the Tunntaras stargate. Sound familar? The Tun stargate in Ahynada is where Vryder04’s autopiloting Iteron died yesterday. Nice preliminary confirmation on the move intel.

When I arrived in Rairomon for the first time, local lit up with the friendly red stars of AC-ME’s finest. I greeted the assembled (nobody said hello back) and got to work on doing a preliminary military survey.

I do so enjoy a change of scenery!

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