So, I hadn’t been ten minutes logged into the game when I find myself in a private chat with Wcaspar, who is friendly and hoping I’ll be playing more. You remember Wcaspar, he was an AC-ME regular during what I still call Chebri’s War.

Near the end of the chat, he rather insistently wants to know what system I’m in, so he and his friends can “watch me salvage.” I tell him, but I also tell him it won’t do any good, because I’m leaving that system and I never work in front of witnesses.

He expresses disappointment.

I look him up, and discover that he’s no longer in AC-ME; he’s now a member of something called [DUTY.] (period is part of the name and ticker it seems), a 31-member corporation I’ve not heard of before. Naturally I am suspicious that he perhaps holds a grudge, and that he and his new friends might like to do me a disservice. Well, take a number, I guess.

So, then I do the belt sweep described in my last post, dock up with my salvage, and make that last blog post. Then it’s time to undock. Who do you think is sitting outside the station?

One Vanden, “Marshal” of [DUTY.], a wanted Minmatar with a bounty on his head, an employment history so long and ugly it could double as a rap sheet, and a fancy combat ship. Do you suppose it was a coincidence?

If you do suppose it was a coincidence, I’d like to sell you a nice breeding pair of feydos, you can sell the pups for millions and millions and millions of ISK!

Anyway, I was moving, so I don’t know whether Vanden had a particular disservice in mind, or whether this was preliminary surveillance. But I thought it was pretty funny, regardless. Somebody missed me!

3 Responses to “…And I Still Have “Friends””

  1. Kirith Kodachi says:

    Glad to see you back and writing again. :)

  2. Soronova says:

    Likewise! Glad to see you back. I shall be watching with interest. And just interest, I might add! No ulterior motives :)

  3. Jourdas Derkai says:

    Another fan glad to see you writing again. Although I don’t approve of your in-game methods, I can’t deny a good writer when I see one. To each their own I suppose. I looks forward to reading of further exploits.

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