It pains me to to admit it, but lately I’ve been running some missions to improve my faction at stations where I do a lot of refining and reprocessing. I’ve never been a big mission runner, though, and one of the reasons is that the loot tables are so boring and predictable. I’ve always felt that a good MMORPG loot table should have a chance of dropping unexpected goodies, and most of the loot tables in EVE, sadly, just don’t. (The unpredictable loot tables for player loot drops, however, more than make up for this deficiency.)

Imagine my surprise, then, when I was doing a Level II “Save A Man’s Career” in a .7 system, to find a +1 Charisma implant (Limited Social Adaptation Chip) in the wreck (*not* the loot can or the mission reward) of the named guy (Sangrel Minn) I was supposed to kill in the mission. In all my Eve career, I’ve never heard of implants for boosting basic stats dropping from mission rats (although I have gotten two fancy implants off of dread gurista belt rats).

I simply did not know this was possible. It’s nice to be surprised, even if the implant itself is not terribly useful.

2 Responses to “Implant In The Wreck?”

  1. Janey Woo says:

    This seems to be happening a lot lately, with some named rats in L4 missions dropping +4 implants. Also the predicatbility of the loot table in general seems to have taken a turn for the better with more varied modules of various meta levels in L3 and L4 missions.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Last night I actually got an Arbalest standard launcher out of a Gurista War Installation. Dunno if it’s loot table changes or just luck, but I’ll take it!

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