I went moon surveying tonight, checking out all the POS installations in my system to see what sort of abandoned junk might be available for scooping. And indeed, at one POS I found eight giant secure cans, neatly lined up 5km apart in a gentle arc just outside the force field, named “POS Can 1” through “POS Can 8”.

Oddly, these were not anchored. They scooped nicely. Here’s what it looked like as I was scooping container #4:

scooping some unattended salvage

Sadly, all but one of the cans were empty. #7, however, turned out to be full of oxygen and robotics:

loot from a found can

The robotics alone are worth $6.8 million ISK; the eight cans are worth another another 2.2 mil, for a haul of about nine million ISK. Not bad for quiet and peaceful scooping!

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