Today I had what might be my largest (by volume) salvage from one location.

I spotted something I have not seen in months — a hulk, mining alone, jetting ore into as many as five time-stamped jet cans. It was a horrible plague of dangerous jetsam in the spaceways, I tell you, an entire cloud of obstacles to navigation!

For such challenges does Ironfleet exist. To the salvage fleet, men!

The enterprise was not without risk, because you don’t want to take just any old ship into drone range of a pissed-off hulk pilot. And this guy had potential to be dangerous — he was a 2003 pilot and he was in a large corp with hundreds of members. It wasn’t clear what storm of shit might be landing on my head at any time, so I was forced to be cautious.

In the event, the hapless hulk pilot appears to have been alone in the system, with nothing more exciting than a large hauler as an alternative ship. He put up no fight at all, though he did stop mining and start hauling (two trips in the hulk, then at least one in a Bestower) while I carefully rounded up the hazardous cans, transferred their contents into Ironfleet cans, tractored them out of the roid hell they were in, and guarded them in open space until it was safe to undock the Bustard transport for collection.

At the end of the day I hauled three full jet-cans (plus a smidge) of ore home to the Ironfleet hangars, without having to fire a shot.

Shame on El’basin of Sankkasen Mining Conglomerate [SKMC] for such flagrant pollution of the spaceways!

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