Hey, thanks to Eve Tribune for a nice mention in this article on Eve-Blogging:

Ironfleet Salvage and Towing – I love reading about the salvage exploits of the author of this blog, Marlenus, who has made a career out of clearing up the space lanes of New Eden by picking up unsecured cargo cans and wrecks wherever he finds them, regardless who else lays claims to the floating debris. Written half in character and half out of character, he has skill for prose in my opinion.

6 Responses to “Ironfleet.com in Eve Tribune”

  1. Kirith Kodachi says:

    You’re welcome. :)

  2. Robert says:

    Congrats! I also enjoy reading your posts :)

  3. Givitome Hardbaby (IGN) says:

    Agree, it is an very amusing read that brightens up my Orwellian day..

  4. Orontes Ovasi says:

    Discovered the blog thru the EVETribune nod, and I love it. Great writing Martenus. The only problem is that now I’ve caught up (after 3 days of sneak-reading at work) and now I have to wait in real-time for your next adventure.
    /me presses TiVo skip forward button…but nothing happens

  5. Bri says:

    Congrats on being featured on the Tribune!

  6. Marlenus says:

    Orontes, sorry to say I’ve been doing a fair bit of factional warfare lately, which tends to be less-than-epic. Jim Bridger has been sneaking out in his destroyer late at night and running FW missions, which only works if they stay boring; I’ve been flying in fleets and learning how fleet warfare works, but since I’m such a combat newb I’ve been flying disposable ships — and boy howdy, have they been swiftly disposed! But there’s not much to report about “spent two hours forming up a fleet, an hour romping around in lowsec, got on the killmails of three of seven small ships our blob wtfBBQed, then we hit the big enemy fleet and I got two whole jam cycles on a Megathron before some inty I never saw barbequed my griffin. Came home in my Ibis, picked up 3000 rounds of medium Navy ammo and a tech II blaster out of a wreck I found on the way.”

    That was today, actually, and it was fun to do, but bloggable? Hasn’t seemed so.

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