It’s late. All the dangerous war targets are logged off and asleep. I decide to pull out one of my Crane blockade runners and run around picking up market orders of valuable war supplies.

After picking up forty or fifty million ISK worth of stuff in Motsu, I head over to Aramachi. As I’m jumping into the system, my clock ticks over to the top of the hour, and my girlfriend calls to me to come watch a TV show with her that’s starting right now!

So, I select a station, select “Dock”, and leave my computer.

You know what happens next. One time in twenty, autodocking fails; I’ve never known why.

Half an hour later, I walk back into my office, where to my horror I see my Crane floating in space. Outside a station. With all kinds of ships around.

I dock hastily. Then somebody, a Caldari militia friendly, convos me. “Dude, what happened, did you fall asleep?”

I explain.

He tells me a Gallente war target in a TII fitted Brutix, one EvilSpork of Invicta, saw my Crane and could not pass up the bait. While intent on blowing up my poor unpiloted crane, EvilSpork got jumped and pwned by the Caldari militia.

Yay, AFK bait-Crane for the win!

8 Responses to “Crane As Bait, Ulp!”

  1. Kirith Kodachi says:

    You’re sooo lucky. I never trust autodock anymore. I don’t know why it fails sometimes either :/

  2. Marlenus says:

    Yeah, I was lucky some Caldari militia boys happened to be there to watch my fat lumbering ISK-filled ass.

    I never trust autodock any more either, but somehow this time I was in a hurry and forgot not to. :(

  3. Orontes Ovasi says:

    See, you even make being AFK bloggable. Coming Attractions: Marlenus downloads Windows Updates and conquers Major Installation.

  4. Marlenus says:

    LOL @ Orontes. And after that — making ISK while scanning my hard drive for malware!

  5. bunnyofdoom says:

    Followed by :Marlenus goes out for ice cream, comes back to find a carrier in his hanger.

  6. Marlenus says:

    Ho, I just wish!

    Of course, I don’t know how to fly a carrier. But I guess I could learn! ;-)

  7. Tareen Kashaar says:

    Heh, nice job :D

    The autodocking thing is related to active session timers. If you click “Dock” on a station right after jump-in, and your session change timer from the jump hasn’t expired yet, autodocking fails. If you let it expire, then warp to autodock, it will work.

    But of course, EVE Has No Bugsā„¢.

  8. Marlenus says:

    Tareen, thanks! That makes a lot of sense and matches my experience, I just never put two and two together. Sure enough, this was an “issue the dock command as soon as my overview loads” situation.

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