Although I don’t write about it much because it’s not very exciting, I take a great deal of enjoyment in, and make some fair income from, putting up bizarrely cheap buy orders on the market and hoping they will fill. Usually they don’t; sometimes they do.

Recently I decided to stock up on Tech II precision missiles. They are fairly cheap, widely considered to be worthless or at least a poor ammo choice, and there are rumors that the devs are tweaking (“balancing”) missiles as part of the upcoming nanospeed nerfing patch. Even if missiles generally get nerfed in that balancing extravaganza, it struck me a few weeks ago that the relative worth of the precision missiles might increase relative to other options, and I’d feel stupid if I didn’t have a robust inventory when the price explodes. So, I bought some token shooting amounts, and put in some very large “stupid cheap” orders to see if anybody felt like dumping inventory.

I’ve picked up a fair few cheap missiles, but today I found two purchases in my wallet that I particularly enjoyed:

Scourge Precision Heavy Missile, 34 ISK, Quantity 14,502
Thunderbolt Precision Heavy Missile, 10 ISK, Quantity 43,680

The average market price for those missiles in my region has recently been at about 350 and 225 ISK, respectively. So I could dump them now for a quick 14 million ISK profit, or hold to see if they appreciate after the nerf/balance episode. Either way, my cost was under a million ISK.

The only fly in the ointment is that I’ll need to take a hauler about four jumps into low sec to pick them up, but with my new FW-honed low-sec skills and a spot of luck, I should be able to pull that off.

So, the interesting question becomes, who dumps a large inventory of expensive missiles (or anything else) into an insultingly cheap market order, and why do they do it?

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  1. Orionche says:

    Since it was low sec, the person: a) probably thought he shouldn’t risk it transport it, b) was lazy/can’t transport it to the nearest hub, c) Mistake?, d) “spring” cleaning of the hangars :)

    I’m guessing its a pvp player with no real interest in market operations who needed some cash… :)

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