I knew there’d be salvage to be had, if I skulked around 0.0 long enough.

Jumped into Yet Another Empty Morsus Mihi System (YAEMMS). I’m alone in local. Only: is that a cyno?

It is. How is that even possible? I thought you needed a ship and pilot to put up a cyno field.

So, I warped (cloaked) to it, at 100 km.

Two ships there. A Badger, apparently piloted, and a Kestrel, unpiloted. And a cyno field.

This I cannot explain. I keep staring at the pilot’s name, then looking back at local and seeing it still empty. WTF?

So I decide to watch and see what happens.

About a minute later (I’m guessing), the cyno field drops and the Badger vanishes. If it warped, I didn’t see it.

There’s still an empty Kestrel sitting there. I watch it. It sits there. Time passes (not a lot).

I remember I am a salvager, and there’s no telling what might be fitted on, or stored in, that unclaimed frigate.

Still nervous about pilots who don’t show up in local, I decided to park my prowler in the short-term lot. Then I egged to back to the Kestrel and jumped on board. A quick hotwire and we were outta there!

The Kestrel, it turns out, is a bare hull except for a fitted cyno generator. I considered flying it all the way back to Taisey to repackage it, but I wasn’t keen on leaving my Prowler in a shallow safe that long. So, I blew it up, hoping the module would fall out. No joy. Salvage: failed. (Although I did get 90k ISK from the Interstellar Commerce Commission.)

So, I assume the Kestrel put up the cyno, and then the pilot bailed out and jumped into the Badger. Then (perhaps when I came into the system) logged off or disconnected? What I don’t understand is why the Badger did not warp away from that spot, if it was a logoffski situation. I also don’t know enough about cyno fields to know if they stay up longer than the piloted ship that puts them up.

If anybody can explain what I saw, comments would be welcome!

7 Responses to “Reports From Morsus Mihi Space: #2”

  1. Tony says:

    Yes, I would also like to know. That is quite confusing and interesting…

  2. Jesse says:

    Maybe the Badger had a cloak equipped. Would you have noticed the cloaking animation? Was he far enough away from the Kestrel to cloak? I’m guessing that him not showing up in local was just a bug. I know there is a bug where people still show up in local after they have logged off.

  3. Marlenus says:

    Jesse, I would not have seen a cloaking animation, but I think he was too close to the Kestrel. Cannot swear to it from 100km away where I was observing.

    If there’s a bug where people can be logged in but not showing in local, I’m very disturbed to learn about it.

  4. Khader Khan says:

    Maybe the badger launched the cyno field, that makes the ship immobile. If he then logged out, he would fail to emergency warp away.

  5. Marlenus says:

    Ah! I did not know the cyno field immobilized the launching ship. That theory would be consistent with the observed facts; the Kestrel with the cyno generator that I found could have just been a “spare” parked at the same safe.

  6. Jesse says:

    Yeah, the cloak was a long shot and I’ve never noticed a bug with people logged in not showing up, just people logged off still showing up. The immobilization of the cyno generating ship is considered a balancing feature to make lighting a cyno in a contested area by yourself suicidal. As if a cyno unexpectedly appearing in the overview isn’t going to attract enough attention.

  7. EvEExploiter says:

    The no-local bug exists but you can actually log off after popping a cyno so when your ship gets popped, your pod insta-warps xD

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