Still peeping and creeping around in 0.0. Tonight I encountered MaceMakaio, member of The Arrow Project [ARROW], which is a Morsus Mihi corp I’ve been seeing fairly frequently down this way. He was ratting in a Megathron, and I cleaned up some of his left-behind loot, just on general principles.

Then we had a reasonably friendly conversation in local. I told him I was flying a cloaked Blockade Runner, but I do not think he believed me:

MaceMakaio > *cough*
Marlenus > Here, have a tissue
MaceMakaio > Ty
Marlenus > No need to mention it
MaceMakaio > Ninja salvager?
Marlenus > Got it in one
Marlenus > I suppose the empty wrecks gave me away
MaceMakaio > LOL.. might have
Marlenus > Drat. Or, it might have been my corp name. ;-)
MaceMakaio > Read about you guys, thought you were empire based
Marlenus > Still are, mostly
Marlenus > But the new tech (covops cloak on the blockade runners) gives us a little more reach
MaceMakaio > Ahhh, spiced up the game for your alliance thats cool too
Marlenus > Just so. To be honest I’m mostly just having a look at the parts of the universe I haven’t seen before, seeing what’s out here
MaceMakaio > well it can be real nasty seeing how your not blue
Marlenus > I do my best to remain unobserved, I’ll grant you that
Marlenus > So far nobody’s spent any effort hunting me, and I’ve been lucky at gates
MaceMakaio > Force recon i bet..
Marlenus > Would you believe a Prowler? ;-) I’m mostly harmless.
MaceMakaio > LOL I’m younger than you but not that young
Marlenus > Heh, didn’t figure you were
MaceMakaio > gotta be a rapier..
Marlenus > You’ve heard my side of the story. ;-)
MaceMakaio > got that Minmitar twinkle in your eye
Marlenus > My momma may have got around, it’s hard to say
MaceMakaio > LOL, mine too

Sadly I believe he felt constrained by my presence, for he stopped ratting and left the system fairly quickly.

P.S. They have some death star POS setups down here that simply have to be seen to be believed. A nasty feature I never imagined: warp disruptor bubbles moored at likely warp-in points near the POS, to hold you down long enough for the guns to hit you.

5 Responses to “Reports From Morsus Mihi Space: #3”

  1. MaceMakaio says:

    Quote:”My new Prowler tipped the balance in my mind. With the covops cloak, it’s slippery enough to have some hope of getting there and back again; and the missile launcher gives me one very blunt tooth to chew on small rats with. But most of all, the cargo space makes it worth going, because if I find anything worth salvaging, there’s some prayer of getting it home again.”

    You were serious about the Prowler, Tbh.. if your in 0.0 long enuf your paranoid of everything in general LOL…. Nice to see a good log of the events and hopefully you survive your goal, will keep an eye on your postcards… Logged for the nightlife with the girl.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Heh, yup I was. But I didn’t figure you’d believe me, and that was fine. I don’t really expect to get that thing home in one piece, but I’m sure trying really hard. ;-)

  3. Marlenus says:

    P.S. Mace, I believe you finally got a chance to see my Prowler when I was on the way home. ;-)

  4. MaceMakaio says:

    LmaO, I sure did.. was like umm… was that.. doH =P .. (Gate Activation) .. Sounds like you had quite the adventure…

  5. Marlenus says:

    Yeah, it was excessively exciting there for a few seconds. But if you could see the amount of speed and agility gear I invested in for that Prowler…

    And that dude who is getting 250-point hits with light missiles, I really don’t want to meet him again.

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