Today I bought myself an EVE Christmas present.

My Prowlers, I have discovered, have fitting issues when I try to fit them for combat and carry a Covert Ops cloak. After fitting the cloak, there just isn’t enough CPU for the DPS and tanking modules I need.

So I studied and studied. Where, among the stuff I like to fit, could I spend a ton of money to achieve a substantial CPU savings?

The answer, it turns out, is a ‘Smokescreen’ Covert Ops Cloaking Device II. It’s an storyline item built (I believe) from blueprint copies received running Cosmos missions. Since each EVE character can only run the Cosmos missions once, and the Cosmos BPC rewards are (I’m told) random, there’s a tight limit on the number of these items that can enter the game.

On contracts, they are currently going for $150-$200 million ISK. OUch.

But the CPU! They only require half as much as the standard Covert Ops Cloak. For me, that’s 45 extra CPU to play with — which is a lot on a ship that leaves the factory with 281. It lets me fit T2 tank and gank modules, where before I was scraping to fit the lowest-CPU mid-level meta varieties, and still trying to decide what essentials to do without.

My daily wallet was far too low to justify such a purchase, so I checked the corporate war chest. Hmm, not too big a dent, nobody will ever miss it. It’s good to be the CEO.

Merry Christmas to me!

Now, before somebody decides to hunt me down and pop me for the sheer joy of smashing my Christmas present, it’s important to remember that I currently have more than a dozen blockade runners, and at least six Prowlers. I don’t plan to fly this one except in the most controlled of circumstances. Yes, boys and girls, I’m blowing ISK to build a hangar queen. I think maybe I’ll make the Amarrian slavegirls (Jim Bridger won’t have any other kind) polish her every day.

They said I was crazy when I put three salvage rigs on a Merlin, but the result (I call her the Luxury Salvager) has paid for itself several times over. Putting a 150M ISK module on a 40M ISK blockade runner is only a little bit crazier than that…

2 Responses to “Merry Christmas To Me”

  1. Thayes says:

    Ha! I have multiple salvage rigs on a condor. Since I automatically consider every ship that undocks a loss, I don’t really get nervous flying it around.

  2. Marlenus says:

    That’s pretty much how I feel, too. I don’t fly what I can’t afford to lose. But today, I had to convince myself that I could afford this particular bit of ridiculous luxury.

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