It’s amazing what I find in my hangars, sometimes.

I was down in Nourvokaiken, cleaning out a hangar full of “old junky stuff”. This stuff came from two places. Some of it’s ancient mission loot that I salvaged for a friend in another corp — he’d run the missions and I’d do the loot/salvage duty. Usually I dumped the melty junk into his hangars via contract for his industrial people to refine, but after his corp went moribund, I found a few station containers full in various places that I consolidated in Nourv while I was based there during the early days of Faction Warfare.

The rest of the junk is stuff I hastily salvaged during Faction Warfare. As you can imagine, salvage during battles is very tricky — often I’d just grab the stuff out of wrecks that went floating by, while trying to maintain fleet formation and not be the last guy to warp with the bubble. Usually I inspected the stuff with great interest, but sometimes, I was busy.

So, I was sorting junk tonight. And guess what I found, in an old wooden crate full of miscellaneous battleship guns and broken shell casings?

1x Domination 1200MM Artillery.

In two and a half years of playing this game, I’ve accumulated precisely four faction modules. And yet, somehow I managed to bung this one into my hangar without ever noticing it?

Mind you, I’ve got no current use for this. Maybe Jim Bridger will shoot large arties someday. And I can’t tell how much it’s worth; right now there are two WTB contracts for one up for minor millions, and one guy wants to sell three of them for 225 million total. So that’s the brackets on the price range, somewhere between 15 and 75 million. It’s not a gamechanging find, or anything.

But still, you should have seen my face when I scraped the old grease crust off the nameplate with my multi-tool and saw what I had.

2 Responses to “Treasure In The Junkpile”

  1. Votrian says:

    Great find. I have found some gems inside secure cans over time, scattered here and there. Best one I found was a set of +4 implants. No idea how they got there but I was pleased. Sold the lot for some change and then some.


  2. Marlenus says:

    I once found an anchored giant secure can near a moon that had (according to my cargo scanner) dozens and dozens of Dread Gurista modules in it.

    About an hour of failed password-guessing later, I made a bookmark and moved on.

    As near as I can tell, it went *poof* when CCP initiated the garbage cleanup routine for old cans. I begged and begged for them to let old cans come adrift for a downtime cycle or more before wiping them from the database, but the developer in charge was scornful of that idea — he was cleaning up the DB with fire and sword, and would not be deterred or delayed in the slightest increment.

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