I’m deep in Querious. Still a ways from Delve. No idea where I’m going or what I’ll find where I get there. Proceeding with extreme caution. Locals are not friendly. Food is bad. Water: worse.

I hope I don’t have to eat my horse.

5 Responses to “Greetings From Sunny Querious”

  1. Venom Orchid says:

    hahahah, DON’T DRINK THE WATER!!!

  2. threeDspider says:

    Such are the trials and tribulations of those perilous few, seeking riches and fame.

    Also, exactly what use is a horse in space?

  3. Marlenus says:

    Emergency rations…

  4. BlackHelmetMan says:

    I don’t think it’s the locals you have to worry about, it’s us bloody tourists too :p

  5. Marlenus says:

    LOL, you and Barry Cuda just about gave me a heart attack! I thought I was doomed.

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