I’m moving slowly through 0.0, because I can’t resist checking every POS for valuable stuff that’s not nailed down.

Found some, too.

Found, in fact, a large standard (!) container, drifting outside the force field, labeled “fuel for jump bridge.”

Only, there’s one small problem.

Which would be the battery of faction warp scramblers and warp disruptors and guns of every kind, all online and ready to make sawdust out of Core Complexion’s finest hull.

Sigh, moving on.

5 Responses to “This Loot Is Not For Scooping”

  1. Friendy Commentor says:

    You forgot to mention whether the can was anchored or not.

    If it isn’t anchored, then you just might be able to grab it. Those guns take about 30 seconds to lock. If you can warp in, scoop the can and then immediately cloak and warp out – you’re golden.

    Good luck!

  2. Marlenus says:

    It’s a “standard” container, so no possibility of being anchored. But that’s my problem — I assume the lock time on those guns is sig-radius dependent, and I’m flying a transport ship. I’ve got no “feel” for the lock time, and the only way I’m going to get that feel is … ugh … the hard way.

    I actually think there’s a good chance I could pull it off. But I think I’ll wait to experiment until I’ve got somebody’s misplaced ship stashed in a safespot to be my alternative ride home.

    P.S. Do automated POS guns shoot at pods?

  3. BlackHelmetMan says:

    “P.S. Do automated POS guns shoot at pods? ”


  4. Some Random 0.0 PvPer says:

    The webs and scrams are quicker to lock, however.

  5. Marlenus says:

    Thanks for the infos. That bit with the webs and scrams was what I was worried about — my Prowler can take a fair bit of battering, I’d probably have tried the scoop if I knew I could leave.

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