In Delve. Actually docked at a Blood Raiders NPC station for the first time in my EVE career. Wished fervently that I’d filled my cargo hold with drones and ammo before setting out. Sadly, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my ability to get this far.

I’ve done a little more salvage, but haven’t found anything spectacular yet. There are a lot of hostiles floating around down here, and even in my blockade runner, it would be easy to get caught.

Updates to be provided as events warrant.

Market question: When I look at the region-wide market in Delve, I see orders in NPC stations and in player-owned outposts. It’s my understanding that those outposts usually forbid docking rights to strangers. Does that mean, if I place a region-wide buy order, that there’s a risk the order will be filled in a place where it’s impossible for me to to pick up the goods?

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  1. Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior says:

    Good question, I also wanna know.

  2. Shirrath says:

    Yes, not being able to pick up the goods yourself is a definite possibility. However, you retain the ownership of said goods, so you can make a courier contract to get them out.

  3. Kirith Kodachi says:

    Concurring with Shirrath.

  4. Marlenus says:

    Thanks! That’s what I thought, but it’s good to have confirmation.

  5. ShadowMaiden says:

    You can also place sell orders and make contracts without having to dock, once you have the appropriate skills.

  6. Soronova says:

    What’s this? Marlenus in 0.0?! I recall a time where you said the only way you’d end up there is if you got horribly lost :) How the times, they are a-changing.

  7. Marlenus says:

    Heh, well, that was before they let me put a covert ops cloak on my transport ship. ;-)

    Like a lot of folks in EVE, I started out as a total carebear, because of a distaste for uncontrolled risk. And, when you’re new, all the risk is uncontrolled.

    The more skill, experience, and good hardware we get in this game, the more sense of control we obtain. Flying a scorpion battleship in faction warfare fleets was good for me in this sense; it gave me a ton of experience under relatively controlled circumstances.

    Now, having said all that, 0.0 is still pretty wild for my taste. Every expedition so far has caused me to come home saying “nothing down there worth the risk.”

    I’m actually looking forward to the wormhole space, because I think the 0.0 rules without so much risk of a fleet landing on my head will damp down some of the risk while (hopefully) leaving enough opportunity for an aggressive salvager to get ahead in the world.

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