Remember back when Torpedo Ted caught a Badger II with his rocket Kestral during Ironfleet’s war against INDY? Well, this story (sadly, Ironfleet has nothing to do with it) is like that, only vastly more epic.

Very short version: a roaming gang of seven [edit: nine, I can’t count] frigates caught an unsupported Rorqual, which remained unsupported for the seven or so minutes it took them to blow it up. They then guarded the wreck long enough for one of them to buy an Iteron V two jumps away and come back for the loot — two trips worth! And then they bought a destroyer and came back to salvage the wreck.

Back when I was in Faction Warfare, I used to get annoyed at the folks who would discourage the newbies from fleeting up in frigates. I’ve always felt there’s no such thing as a useless hull in EVE; every ship has the potential to be dangerous to something. Now, obviously z0de and Mynxee and their merry band of cutthroats aren’t newbies, but I still think this is proof of the principle.

Awesome kill, good salvage.

3 Responses to “Frigates Eat Rorqual”

  1. Mynxee says:

    Hee hee, frigates are the most awesome ships in New Eden, for my money! Thanks for giving our tale a little love…it was really pretty unbelievable, even if the Rorqual had a sucktastic fit. Next thing ya know, they’ll be screaming “Nerf Frigates!” on the forums.

    Note: We had 9 frigates, not 7. But still!

  2. Marlenus says:

    Ah, I flails at math — two Hellcats plus five Bastards plus two applicants is obviously seven, right? ;-)

    Still full of awesome win.

    There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom you get bouncing around in a frigate — it’s all zoom and if you lose it, who cares?

  3. threeDspider says:

    hmm im going to have to find the guy with something like 70 kills clocked up with his Rorq and remind myself that they can be dangerous :) Also fully agree, frigates are great fun to fly, extremely cheap means you can throw ten of them into the grinder and not bat an eyelid, and when you do kill something, it feels like a greater accomplishment.

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