I’m set up like this. The Empress of Greater Mars has her own corporation. She’s the one who launched the POS. She’s set Ironfleet and TEARS standings to positive (+5 if I remember properly).

The guns, they do not shoot at me. If they had, I would have noticed.

Kahega from TEARS came to visit one time; I was nervous, but the guns, they did not shoot at him either. Also good.

I have a no-skills alt in Greater Mars, who is a member of State War Academy. The Empress has set his standings (in the eyes of her and her corp) to +10.

When he’s got the POS password set, the guns do not shoot at him, either. But…

When he logs in at the POS, obviously the password is not set, and so (when he logs back in) he is ejected from the force field at a high rate of speed. And, about the time he stops zooming, the guns begin firing on whatever ship he’s in. I’ve tested this many times.

The guns are set to fire at anybody whose standings are less than positive one (+1.0), by ticking the top checkbox. They are also set to fire at war targets. All other check-boxes are unchecked.

I wondered whether the lack of standings between The Empress and State War Academy was causing the unwanted shooting, so I asked The Empress to (temporarily) set SWA standings to +5. She did, and (mindful that standings settings can take time to be acknowledged) I waited about half an hour before logging in the alt.

Kaboom. Fortunately I brought extra shuttles for testing purposes.

Anybody know why the POS guns hate my alt?

Obviously I can work around this by logging him out somewhere that’s not the POS, and then always setting the password before he warps into POS gun range. But, inevitably, I’ll forget.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. MailDeadDrop says:

    Is the Empress’ corp in an alliance?


  2. Ga'len says:

    Your alt is in an NPC corp. Setting standings so that the POS will not shoot him is something that is slightly borked. You will need to put him in a player corp and set standings to that player corp. Then you won’t have that issue anymore.

  3. Marlenus says:

    MDD, nope. Ga’len, thanks — I wondered if it might be the NPC Corp angle, but I couldn’t find any reports of this on the forums, and it’s rare for buggy behavior not to have a hundred threads complaining.

  4. Rooker says:

    Unless something has changed, you can’t actually set standings toward an NPC corp. It looks like you can in a few situations, but it actually has no effect whatsoever when you do it.

    Can’t block them from public channels, private channels, chat, convo or from sending you eve-mail either. It’s how CCP prevents us from ignoring trial newbs. The newbs, who might subscribe, are more important (to CCP) than those of us that have already done so.

  5. Akugugei says:

    So to protect the newbs who still might subscribe, CCP would block us from not sharing our automatic gunfire with them? Makes sense to me!

  6. Marlenus says:

    I rather suspect that in the case of POS guns, it’s more bug or unintended consequence than deliberate noob protection.

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