Last night, for the first time since I started working in Greater Mars, a Magnetometric site spawned, one called “Forgotten Perimeter Gateway.” I’m sad to say that it proved something of a disappointment.

I went in, in the usual way, in my Drake. The initial spawn was four cruisers; after I killed the second one, I got a spawn of a battleship and four frigates. Foolishly, I concentrated on the battleship, and when it died, I got another spawn consisting of two more battleships and two more frigates.

So, by now I’m out of shield and out of cap and there are ten Sleepers on the field: 2 BS, 2 cruisers, 6 frigs. They had me surrounded and outnumbered … it was time to warp away, rest, and recover.

Back, at range. Picked off the two cruisers before the damage got out of hand. Was just killing the second one when I noticed an Imicus and four Sisters core probes on my directional scan. They are in my w-space, scannin’ my dudez!

Warp away, rest, recover, ask the Empress of Greater Mars to scan down the Imicus. She tries, reports back that there are no hostiles in system. What, they left already?

Back to the mag site. Come out of warp and there’s the Imicus, 40 klicks away. (Empress, you are fired as my backup scanning minion.)

Targeted the Imicus, or tried to; but of course this is a Drake, and he’s long gone before the lock is obtained. Nobody else on directional scan, I gamble on finishing off the rest of the frigates.

Now we are down to 2 sleeper battleships, which is a substantial but not impossible nut to crack for my Drake. Assuming no enemies land on my head…

First, back to the POS, swap into my Buzzard, sweep the system carefully and competently. No ships on scan, no hostile probes out, maybe he really did leave the system this time.

Back into the Drake, back to the Mag site. Launch all the drones to increase DPS and soak some up too, start chewing on the first battleship. Keep weather eye on d-scanner. First battleship pops just before my shields go, I can tank the last one, we are done with Sleepers. Will I be unmolested long enough to do the archeology, or will my Imicus friend come back with reinforcements?

In the event, nobody came back. But the loot was a disappointment. In addition to the usual ship droppings, there were eight archeology cans, from which I got 9 ancient relics to be used (if I understand it right) in reverse engineering the blueprint copies for making Tech III subsystems. They were:

3x Wrecked Armor Nanobot
1x Wrecked Electromechanical Component
1x Wrecked Power Cores
4x Wrecked Weapon Subroutines

Unfortunately, my spies in Jita tell me these are none of them worth as much as a million ISK on the current market. Given that the wrecked hull section I found in a Radar site sold for 300 million, I was hoping that a Mag site would have some valuable stuff too. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about TIII production to understand where the bottlenecks are. I’m also uncertain how developed the market is yet; if production chains are still gearing up, it might be that items are in surplus temporarily until demand builds. At any rate, I’m not selling these for trivial prices; I’ll hang on to them until the market is fully developed, for better or worse.

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  1. Drakan290 says:

    Hey Marlenus, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time… Well, I was in AC-ME in the INDY war. I didn’t get too involved as I was still a newbie, but a friend of mine (who consequently ended up quitting EVE when AC-ME moved to nullsec) told me about Ironfleet, and I’ve been reading since. (I never met/knew Chebri either, but she(he?) sounds like a bitch.)
    I guess this is my first comment to the blog though… Looks like there aren’t too many people reading! You’re a great writer and I hope you keep writing however, since I know I’ll keep reading.
    You might try to advertise on something like EVE Radio or in some in game channels if you want more people to read… But enough with my rambling.

    The Tech III production is still grinding forward, and since there is really only one ship class for Tech III (currently) there aren’t too many people interested in the high price tag of ownership. Over the next few months expect prices to rise and fall, depending on surplus, but expect the overall demand to increase while the prices fall. That’s what I’ve gathered from the EVE-O forums over the past few weeks at least.

    About the battleship spawns… Just did that yesterday. My main is still training astrometrics to 4, so I can only use 3 probes, but I found a regular Serpentis cosmic anomaly in 0.8 yesterday. Most of my corp is RL friends like yours is, so they don’t play a lot (They’ve actually just joined in the past two months…)

    I scouted out the Cosmic with my probe ship and warped in at 100km just to check it out. There were only four frigates so I assumed it’d be a simple run and gun with the Rupture from long range… Soon enough I had a battleship, four cruisers and around eight frigates… I got two friends to help me take out all of the ships, but since they’re still new to the game, I had one show up in a Moa (which helped out a bunch) and another in a Kestrel. We eventually took them out, and I brought in the alt to salvage… From just that mission, I netted around 8 million ISK. I was extremely surprised how profitable salvaging is, and it also gave me around 1000 m3 of modules and weapons to put in the Hangar!

    Anyway, that’s a story I just thought I’d share with you.. Me and my friends created our own Corp, but it’s still new and we don’t have many funny or outlandish experiences yet… If you’re interested I’ll keep you posted though!

    Anyway, thanks for reading. I’ll keep reading as long as it’s up, if you keep writing good stories :)


  2. Th0rG0d says:

    Off topic, but to Drakan… I have Astro lvl 3, and I can use 6 probes. Try launching more!! With my skills, sometimes I need all six to find sites without a proper scanning ship…

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