I thought I should update this post about w-space loot. I made no effort to sell any of the sleeper salvage, but everything else has sold now, for quite nice prices I think.

It took four days, but the Wrecked Hull Section sold for 300 million ISK.

7x Datacore: Electronic Subsystems Engineering sold for 18 million ISK each, 136 million ISK total.
8x Datacore: Defensive Subsystems Engineering sold for 13 million ISK each, 104 million ISK total
8x Datacore: Engineering Subsystems Engineering sold for 8 million ISK each, 64 million ISK total
5x Datacore: Offensive Subsystems Engineering sold for 12.5 million ISK each, 62.5 million ISK total
4x datacore: Propulsion Subsystems Engineering sold for 8 million ISK each, 32 million ISK total

~3000x Fullerite-C50 gas sold for an average of 13,000 ISK each, total about 39 million ISK
~1500x Fullerite-C60 gas sold for an average of 16,800 ISK each, total about 25.5 million ISK
~1500x Fullerite-C70 gas sold for an average of 11,000 ISK each, total about 16.5 million ISK
227x Fullerite-C84 gas sold for just over 15,000 ISK ea, total about 3.5 million ISK

Grand total: Seven hundred and fifty one million ISK. As cool a three-quarter-billion as anybody could hope for.

It’s true what the forum whiners say. There’s not enough profit to be had in w-space. Everybody should go back to running those level 4 missions, w-space is full of fail, T3 will never catch on. We should all rage-quit.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I think I’ll go see if another radar site spawned while I was sleeping…

3 Responses to “Loot Sales”

  1. threeDspider says:

    You’d better delete this post quick, before you find 5 other POS’s being set up in your w-system (I’ll probably be one of them $_$ :p )

  2. Marlenus says:

    LOL, there are still a ton of empty and unexploited w-space systems out there. If this happens? I’ll just move.

  3. Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" says:

    Very excellent! Can’t afford to stop doing my indy stuff but will definitly think of this when I am bored.

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