I found, and knocked over, my third w-space Radar site last night. It was a slow and painful process in my solo Drake, but well worth it — in addition to Sleeper datacores in six out of eight hacking cans, there was a Talocan Frigate wreck (spawn container) from which I salvaged a Wrecked Hull Section. (I’ll tell you what it was worth after it sells, but from the incomplete market info, it looks like it’s worth at least a couple of hundred million.)

I decided that meant it was time to remove a small hauler-load of goodies from w-space and cash them in:


First thing that sold was about 37 million ISK worth of the Sleeper “pay me” drops.

I’ll update this post with sales information on other stuff as I get it sold, because I’m not taking the market offer prices on very much at all, and a bunch of the salvage I probably won’t sell at this time. My gut is telling me that the current low prices on Sleeper salvage may rise as T3 production ramps up; the novelty factor of w-space will be wearing off, and getting in (and especially out) of w-space is a bit slower/harder since the deep space probes got reduced in scan strength. Plus there’s the fact that T3 overall will presumably increase in attractiveness as the rest of the subsystems get added — although this expectation may already be factored into the market.

P.S. It is ironic, but typical of where I am in relationship to the novelty curve in online games, that my first load of parts for T3 production comes out of W-Space on the same day that one of the first of the T3 ships is being killed. Quick to market, I am not.

Market update, Saturday 01:30 game time: The hull section has not yet found a buyer, but the Jita prices today ranged up to a quarter of a billion ISK. I’m in no hurry; I can wait for a sale like that. Meanwhile, I’ve sold 17 of 33 datacores for about 200 million ISK, and 22 million ISK worth of my fullerene gasses. The only thing that I’ve sold out of are the R.A.M.- Hybrid Technology items; I must have underpriced them, because they sold out fast, netting close to 28 million for the 14 of them that I had. I’d say this dispels any lingering doubts about whether it’s possible to make money in w-space. And, although I’ve been lucky enough not to lose a ship in there yet, it’s worth noting that I haven’t been flying anything more expensive than a Drake, mostly using bog-standard T1 Scourge missiles. For all the expensive fits you see in w-space, it can be done on the cheap!

3 Responses to “Loot From W-Space”

  1. Orontes Ovasi says:

    very cool. You’re gonna have to build yourself a hangar-queen.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Actually I think the first item on the shopping list is another month’s worth of POS fuel.

  3. Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" says:

    Hey that is some excellent stuff, especially the hull section. I bet it was hard finding those radar sites eh?

    Keep us posted on the prices you are doing a great job!

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