I find this hilarious. This thread starts with a typical butt-hurt mission runner fulminating against salvagers. Nothing we haven’t see before:

make salvage thieving an act of aggression, salvage is commonly over half the income of any one doing an encounter mission and honestly i don’t see how anyone can justify allowing these annoying little **** heads to take there salvage w/o permission. and the the rules stated about wrecks not belonging to anyone is bull, it’s my kill = it,s my loot = it,s my salvage touche it and ill end you.


So far, so boring. But then CCP Mitnal steps in:


Salvaging is a viable mini-profession in EVE, something that has been repeatedly been confirmed.

There is no new idea or feature to discuss so the thread is locked.

Community Representative


Thanks to Kahega for linking to this on the TEARS forums.

12 Responses to “Anti-Salvager Whine Smackdown”

  1. Th0rG0d says:

    Thank god that they are starting to lock these threads…. I have been following your exploits since I stumbled across a thread in which you had posted a link to here. You keep a fantastic blog, and I enjoy reading what you post here! I have yet to run into you in game, but believe me when I say you wont catch me with a can out when you are in system! Keep up the good work, and see you in game!

  2. Kahega says:

    You know they’re sick of it when CCP starts locking the threads, and saying, in not so many words, “Shut the fuck up, we’ve heard your tired whines before and we don’t care”

  3. Michan Yu says:

    I like it when he says, we are allowed to suggest changes..

    Albiet this statement above is true, as Kahega has rightly put, They are sick of hearing it and are not going to change their minds about it..

    Good on ya CCP :)

  4. Casiella Truza says:

    Suggesting a change should include something other than suggesting the SAME change that has been denied over and over.

    If the OP had included something mildly useful (like maybe a new idea regarding the mechanic), then maybe it wouldn’t have gotten locked. :D

  5. Marlenus says:

    Truly, I think it got locked for violating the “no rants” rule.

  6. Marlenus says:

    The other thing, of course, is that CCP along with pretty much everybody else thinks that the level four missions are not very well in line with the usual balance of risk and reward; they don’t want to nerf missions too hard (for various plausible business reasons) but I don’t think they are sympathetic to suggestions that are aimed at making missions safer, easier, and more profitable, as any anti-salvager change would.

  7. Lei Merdeau says:

    and again http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1029519
    this one actually started earlier and isn’t locked, because it stayed civil?

  8. Marlenus says:

    Actually these threads start three or four times a week, and they’ve never been locked before. That’s what made Mitnal’s response to this one so refreshing and novel.

    They are usually full of angry ranting.

  9. Orontes Ovasi says:

    If, and this is a big if, mission rats ever get the “new AI” of sleepers, where they will switch aggro randomly, or to “more vulnerable” targets, will that impact mission salvaging, or do you do most of it after the mission is over? Actually curious, not trying to troll. Feel free to ignore since I’m basically hijacking the thread

  10. Marlenus says:

    Personally I do most of my mission salvaging when the missioner is not present, because I often like to collect the loot as well. When the missioner and rats are present, I don’t see there being a big difference if the rats were using the “Sleeper” rules — because, even now, you have to stay alert for agro if the missioner decides to warp out.

    That said, I can’t see CCP ever putting the new AI in existing missions, the redesign work wouldn’t be worth it. They might put ’em in newly designed missions, though, so the question is certainly pertinent.

  11. wauke says:

    If they give the mission rats the sleeper AI, that would cause a ton of problems for “salvagers” to be sure.

    As for actually salvaging, I typically do it as I go through the mission, but it depends on how much I care about the rats that are still alive. If they hurt, I’ll deal with them first, if not, I’ll deal with them as they get into range, and salvage along the way.

  12. wauke says:

    Of course I’m talking about salvaging my own missions, not other people’s… which sortof misses the point on this site, heh.

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