What a dream.

The boards have been abuzz, lately, about an assortment of pirates who watched a mothership cloak at a safespot, then assembled a nefarious crew to melt it. Here’s Mynxee’s account, which sounds like jolly good rogering fun. (Double entendre intended.)

But the part that caught my salvager’s eye was this:

Someone who made an effort to salvage it got this message:

“You cannot salvage this wreck because it contains too much loot to fit into a single cargo container. The wreck contains 89,230 m3 but can contain no more than 27,500 m3…”

I wonder what the final numbers of salvage bits were, because surely someone sorted this and got it done.

I’m salivating over the idea of 89k cubic meters of salvage bits, but I’m somewhat puzzled about the message. I frequently get a similar message when trying to salvage a battleship in a salvaging frigate, because of all the metal scraps. But in that case, the message is about inadequate cargo space on my ship. This message talks of loot not fitting in a standard jetcan.

How big are the modules (and cargo space) on a mothership? Because this sounds to me like a message that’s not about lack of space to put the salvage. Rather, when you salvage a ship before looting it, all the dropped modules and cargo get evicted into space in an old-fashioned jet can. This sounds like a “you can’t salvage because we can’t create a big enough jet-can for the loot” error.

Still, a fun problem to have.

5 Responses to “To Salvage A Mothership”

  1. Paul Clavet says:

    You are correct, the problem is that the game must jettison the loot of a salvaged wreck into a jetcan, and there’s too much stuff. All it takes is essentially several can-flips to get the stuff out of the wreck, after which it can be salvaged.

  2. Kirith Kodachi says:

    The loot in the wreck came to 89000m3, hence if you salvage the wreck the loot could not fit in the left behind can that gets created. In order to get around it, they took the loot with haulers and then could salvage the empty wreck.

    Capital modules are 4000m3 each for typical carrier shield booster and energy transfer, etc. No idea on the volume of a clone vat but I imagine its big.

  3. Marlenus says:

    Ah, that explains it. I had no idea capital modules were so big, but it makes sense.

  4. Squizz Caphinator says:

    This happens with hauler spawns in 0.0 too. One spawn I had contained 12m tritanium, that was a lot of hauling before the wreck could be salvaged.

  5. Wensley says:

    Oddly, the same doesn’t seem to apply to hauler spawns. If you salvage the wreck of a large hauler spawn before looting it all it does is fill a jetcan and then the rest of the loot magically disappears. Or so I’ve been told.

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