Twice today, twice I tell you, I’ve gotten faction spawns in .7 belts.

The first time I’d annoyed a mining Osprey until he warped off, then was waiting for him to return. Instead, a Dread Gurista Arrogator frigate spawned. I engaged it with heavy missile in my Crane, a slow process, when a newbie ratting in a caracal showed up. He started shooting too, but not in time. Kaboom, my wreck.

But, uh, he’s closer to it than me. Does he know it’s worth a quick scoot-n-scoop?

Apparently not — I crawled to the wreck and was rewarded with ammo, tag, a Dread Gurista small shield booster, and a DG invul. Nice!

[Updated insert: ZOMG, I am an idiot. I looked at the Dread Gurista Invulnerability Field, noted the stats were the same as Caldari Navy, and did a quick contracts check that I must have flailed somehow. Because I failed to discover that it’s a freaking 400 million ISK piece of loot! “Nice” doesn’t even begin to cover it … this is the single best item of loot in my Eve career to date.]

Then, a bit later, in another .7 system, I noticed a Hulk wreck and was going to check it out when an unlooted Dread Gurista wreck nearby caught my eye. Went to check it out and you could have knocked me over with a feather:

worm blueprint drop

In all my eve career, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a ship blueprint drop of any kind. And it was just laying there in space, waiting to be salvaged!

I love my job.

4 Responses to “My Day For .7 Dread Guristas”

  1. Silents says:

    The first time I ever went into a Mag site, I got a Dramiel BPC. Never had another faction drop.

  2. Kirith Kodachi says:

    I’m so jealous of both drops! Best I ever got was a Medium Shadow Serpentis POS bpc.

  3. Velocity Prime says:


    All in a days work, right? ;)

  4. Bass Indy says:

    Awesome drops. I have never had anything remotely like it drop. And twice in one day.

    Also welcome back. Your site was why I got in to Ninja Salvaging in the first place.

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