It’s important to remember: even a newb can be careful/paranoid.

Today I encountered one Monrew, member of Galactic Exporters [GAL-X], jet-can mining in an Osprey in Kaimon. I flipped quite a lot of Azure Plagioclase into an Ironfleet can.

Fellow did not want to fight, warped prudently away.

I took what I could carry, resumed my tour of the belts.

Finished my tour of the belts, returned to my can.

Found him there, in a Badger II, on a vector for my can. Awesome!

I locked him up and started “racing” for the can.

He grabbed the contents, started flashing red. I turned on my warp disruptor, started lobbing heavy missiles. They were hitting for 300+ each. I thought I had a kill.

Then he warped away. Sneaky bugger was stabbed!

Good job, Monrew. You can never be too careful.

3 Responses to “Escape Of The Stabbed Badger”

  1. Druur Monakh says:

    Well, you aren’t exactly an unknown entity – maybe that influenced Monrew’s fitting decisions… :)

  2. Marlenus says:

    I try not to have an ego THAT big … the guy’s only a couple weeks old, odds of him having heard of me seem slim.

  3. NovaJinx says:

    Badger Mk2 with some smart tanking is surprisingly resilient. I’ve survived attacks like that several times. Even a Battlecruiser ambushing me on undock, he got me down to structure but couldn’t stop me from warping away.

    Hell, I’ve ran around 0.0 with a pirate corp on my tail and I still made it out and back to Empire. With the Mk2.

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