If you’re at all interested in my recent wormhole hunting lifestyle, a useful and informative blog to read is Tiger Ears. It’s not necessarily exciting; like me, the author has a tendency to document every encounter, sometimes at rather lengthy length. But it is extremely educational, because it’s a detailed day-by-day account of life in a C4 wormhole with a static exit to a C3. And so almost every post is a “What’s in my wormhole today, what I found in the neighboring wormhole, where did these wormholes connect, what I found there, and what we did about it” post. Plus combat reports, if any.

The end result, which I’m still wading into the ancienter-and-ancienter history of, is a ton of information about sensibly-chosen mostly-victorious small tactical encounters in w-space. Not always exciting — sometimes my eyes glaze over — but reading it is like getting several months of life-in-wormhole experience, without all the hundreds of hours spent scanning. Ironfleet recommended.

2 Responses to “Tiger Ears? In W-Space?”

  1. pjharvey says:

    Brevity is hard! Except in comments.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying my journal, and now I’ve got a new blog to read too.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Yes it is! For me, even in comments.

    I’ve got another too-long post coming up later today … an offline tower, a ship loss, and lovely, lovely blueprints to salvage.

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