So tonight I was flying around in my souped-up Heron, probing for goodies. The directional scanner showed an interesting assemblage of ships and wrecks in the vicinity of the local sun, so I dropped an exploration probe and patiently waited for the results.

What I got was, of all things, a hit on a covetor mining barge, off the ecliptic and well away from any roid belt.

Interesting! In a change from my usual tactics, I decided to take a Badger II, just in case there were any complacent cans of ore laying about.

Once inside the deadspace, I found a used-up mission and a Caracal, an Apocalypse battleship funning eight lasers, a Covetor, and (alas) an Iteron V. The mining op appeared to be low end minerals from the mission roids. Jet cans were out, but they were well served by the indy, and were mostly empty. However, by sitting near the cans for several minutes, I was able to assemble most of a Badger load of ore. These miners were not, shall we say, paying great attention. I warped away without ever seeing any sign that my presence was noticed.

Not exciting, not very profitable, but it’s the first time I ever salvaged ore from a mission deadspace. (We won’t talk about the Bustard-load of Omber I took from an exploration roid complex once….)

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