Hello, my name is Emma Gunwin. First day in Ironfleet was uneventful. Spent most of my time training skills and helping with loot clean up for buddies doing level four missions.

Day two started me off doing more of my Ironfleet duties, such as removing navigational hazards in my brand new, freshly waxed Iteron. You would be suprised at what nasty suprises people leaving in these navigational hazards. I found a Large Secure Can with hundred and six Flameburst missles tucked away in it. By my calculations, if someone had hit that LSC before I had gotten to it and set off those missiles, it would have caused a sizable thermal explosion capible of doing 7950 damage. Good thing I got it before that could have happend.

The crew did an amazing job getting the cans in the cargo hold quickly, especially while being under fire from local priates. Good thing the Gallente know how to make a Iteron right or someone might have had to pick us off the nearest asteroid with stick and a spoon. Despite the danger we cleaned up more then eight navigational hazords that day and made space a safer place.

Emma Gunwin out

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  1. Marlenus says:

    Emma, welcome to Ironfleet! Sounds like you got started in the best Ironfleet tradition. We’re glad to have you.

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