And just like that, it’s over:

2007.04.15 20:46
CONCORD has declared this war invalid as it breaches one or more articles in the Yulai Convention.

And Ironfleet survives yet another war without so much as a scratch in the legendary Caldari paintjobs that grace our vessels.

Eidelon was a class act, if a very quiet one. I confess I’m not sure what the point is of going to war without making any sort of demand first, but I’m sure he had his reasons.

4 Responses to “Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper”

  1. Eidelon says:

    Thank you for the positive comment!

    While I cannot, of course, comment on my reasons for the Wardec, I recognise and have absolutely no problem with your approach to the situation and the game in general, although Eidelon will always try to take out “salvagers” :-)

    By the way, the Rapier might have had you if the webs and target painter had kicked in as fast as the guns! But I appreciate the praise ;-)


  2. Marlenus says:

    You’re welcome, and I’m glad you stopped by to leave a note.

    I hope for your sake you were executing a lucrative contract; you invested a fair few hours in the work, and (given that Ironfleet operations were not unduly disrupted) I’d rather imagine that some vengeful industrialist made a bad investment than that you personally were wasting your game time.

    Anyway, it’s situations like this that set Eve apart. Fun!

    (And, yes, you about gave me a heart attack in the Rapier. I was focused on getting to the station to provide backup for Jim, and had failed to notice that you were back in system. Suprise doesn’t begin to characterize my reaction, heh.)

  3. Soronova says:

    Almost a year go, but seems like yesterday. :)

    Marlenus, should you have a burning desire to see the preceeding events that culminated in Eidelon’s war dec, please head over to my blog site, You may find something rather unexepected there, especially considering the circumstances under which we met :p


  4. Marlenus says:

    Awesome! I appreciate the kind words, and I’m glad to hear I helped somebody enjoy the game. I’m slowly warming to PVP myself, but if you ever see me in low sec it will probably be because my cloaking has failed me … either that, or I believe myself to have overwhelming odds in my favor. So far I’ve yet to hear of anything going on in lowsec that offers rewards commensurate with the risk.

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