Famous (and famously even-tempered) pirate Tiller posted the following anecdote about a not-so-good day. His opponent made me laugh:

Ahh, can’t beat a gentle midday gate camp, what could go wrong?

No blobs, low traffic… smell of burnt noob filling my lungs.

Erm… not quite.

So there we are, hugging low sec gate, 1 Domi, 2 tackle Drakes, 1 Zealot… Geddon pops up on scanner. JUMPJUMPJUMP. We jump through to get in tackle position on other side of gate.

ERROR1: “He’s engaged me!” One of us fail to jump and sit there instead. Geddon aggros him.

ERROR2: “Scram him!” This now leaves our drake aggro’d, tackled and under sentry and geddon fire without support.

ERROR3: “Get back to gate and jump back to help!” But, we all head back one at a time and each in turn die. One of us even aggro a passing shuttle which prevents jump.

Our Domi is last to die, with the help of some passing falcon pilot….


Domi, Drake, Drake, Zealot all lost to a single Geddon.


Everyone has there ‘time’ to suck at eve, that was ours. YARRRR!!

Icing on the cake was some guy in local asked Geddon what he was doing.

Geddon man calmly replies:

“just killing some pirates”

“do you need help” he asks

“no I’m ok thanks”

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  1. Brian says:

    Sounds like fun times were had by all XD

    Smooth move mates :P Can imagine he was laughing pretty hard :)

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