So I was sitting in a .7 belt in my stealth bomber. Cloaked.

There were some miners in system who had been unpleasant. And there was an Ironfleet can there with some ore they had mined.

I was curious to see whether they would come back for it. (They didn’t.)

I got bored. I blew up some rats. Kaboomski, cheap thrills.

I cloaked again.

I turned my attention to another computer screen.

A long time later, I looked back.

There’s somebody in a frigate, flashing red on my overview. Next to one of my wrecks.

Loot thief? Have I met an enterprising young loot thief?

Maybe there’s hope for the youth of today.

All this passes through my mind as I uncloak, turn on my sensor booster, and start locking. I have nothing but admiration for the aggressive acquisition of loot from whatever source derived, but in EVE the old saying is true: It’s a dog-eat-dog world. And today, my young friend, you seem to wearing a juicy fresh pair of Milk Bone underwears.

Click one cruise launcher. Fly, my pretty, fly true.


Your Wrath Cruise Missile hits Fett RUS (Ibis), doing 348.7 damage.



Young, I could handle. Valuable lesson and all that. But a baby? Who has (it turned out) been playing less than a day?

My first and only one-shot insta-pop of a player character. Go me.

On the plus side, it was a VERY pretty boom.

I convo’d the guy to apologize and explain, but he seemed not to have any English. So I sent him some ISK for his trouble and went on about my day.

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  1. Brian says:

    Heh, you make me proud- seeing honor among players is something that keeps me playing EvE :D

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