Nice blog post over at The Art Of The Gank about Ironfleet’s salvage adventures, even if they are a little shaky on the distinction between salvage and theft:

I hesitate to call this a proper “gank” as it’s really ore can thievery that tumbled into a weird sort of gank thanks to the not-so-brilliant reactions of the miners involved. But it’s still a good read, and a great lesson – for you miners out there – on aggression flagging, timers, and generally what not to do when an ore thief shows up.

Meet Ironfleet Towing & Salvage, an EVE player corp that has taken to blogging about their particular playstyle and experiences. It’s well worth a read and a subscription (and hat tip to them on WordPress theme choice – I liked it so much I decided to play with it here!). Their playstyle seems largely limited to ore can thieving in Empire space, something I generally abhor, but hey, it takes all kinds to keep EVE an interesting place to play. And they write a good blog with a touch of humor, so they can’t be ALL bad.

Anyway, the gank in question – Cruise Missiles Incoming! Again! Enjoy!

Thanks Art, I appreciate the kind words about the theme.

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