Sorry about the lack of updates, my EVE playing has been minimal and mostly consisting of flying support ships for mission-running friends in other corps. Fun, but nothing to report.

Today, however, I cleaned up a little bit of ore I found drifting in space, and got a bit of the usual smacky-smack in local:

MacGyver Miner > you gonna give my shit back marlanus?
Marlenus > If I’ve got it, query how it could possibly be yours?
Abbott4 > yeah wtf marlenus
Abbott4 > stop stealing stuff
Marlenus > Salvage, if you please
Abbott4 > 10k in ore you owe me
Abbott4 > ORe thife
Marlenus > LOL, you jettisoned it into space…
Abbott4 > you stole it
Marlenus > I salvaged it from where I found it drifting aimlessly through the spaceways, a hazard to navigation and a threat to spacecraft everywhere

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