Every so often, as all inhabitants of the belts know, the usual belt rat spawn is replaced by a slightly better class of rat. In Caldari space, that means the usual Gurista pirates are replaced by “Dread Gurista” equivalents. It’s quite rare.

The nice thing is, these Dread Guristas drop better loot. They always drop at least one brick of Gurista or Dread Gurista Ammo, usually a copper tag of the appropriate type, and sometimes (rare drop on a rare spawn) a Dread Gurista railgun (equivalent to Navy Issue in most if not all respects). There’s also usually a named module of some sort.

For awhile after salvaging got formally added to the game, these Dread Gurista wrecks always gave the unbroken salvage parts you use for building Tech II rigs. (Sadly, since a patch many months ago, I have not gotten any salvage of any kind from these wrecks.)

All of the above makes a salvager like me careful to watch for Dread Gurista wrecks in the belts. A lot of the miners kill bet rats on autopilot, and don’t know or don’t care that there is sometimes worthwhile loot in the wrecks. That’s great, more for me.

Tonight, however, I saw something odd and inexplicable. There was a Dread Gurista wreck in one of my local belts, and it was white. Instead of the usual yellow/green (don’t ask me, I’m color vision impaired) color of a wreck somebody else killed, it was the white that usually means “wreck from a ship I killed.” Only, I didn’t.

So, I checked the ownership of the wreck. It didn’t have any.

Does anybody know how a belt rat gets wrecked in space without anybody owning the wreck? I’d love to know.

As it happens, the loot table on this one was fully populated:

– Dread Guristas Iron Charge S x1000
– Guristas Bloodclaw Light Missile x1000
– Dread Guristas Copper Tag
– Dread Guristas 125mm Railgun
– ‘Anointed’ I EM Ward Enhancement

Salvage, as usual these days, yielded nothing.

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  1. FreakStarrr says:

    Hi there,

    Ive had that once or twice myself. In my case it happened when my drones killed the ship while i warped out of the belt with my barge. Its probably a glitch as you normally get a named wreck when your drones kill them.

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