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For a while after salvaging got formally added to the game, these Dread Gurista wrecks always gave the unbroken salvage parts you use for building Tech II rigs. (Sadly, since a patch many months ago, I have not gotten any salvage of any kind from these wrecks.)

I don’t know whether the long dearth of Tech II salvage was a bug, now fixed after Trinity, or whether I simply had a long run of bad luck. But today I happened upon a Dread Gurista Invader wreck in the roid belts (Thanks, Oregrinder, for not looting or salvaging it) and it had a mix of Tech II and Tech I salvage, including a Micro Circuit.

(My encounter with Oregrinder was fun. After I looted the Dread Gurista wreck, he took offense and started shooting at me with his mining cruiser. So I warp scrambled him and began shooting back. He managed to flee, the hard way, after a long stern chase. Eventually he outran my “helpless hauler” far enough to warp away, but he was well into armor. He never came back for the ore he’d been jettisoning, so of course I had to salvage it.)

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