There are new diplomatic developments on another front, of which more tomorrow.

The new developments kept my attention fully in one system tonight, and I never saw Chebri there, so I, personally, have no news of that war to share.

However, a young corpmate of mine was at another Ironfleet office this evening, fitting up some ships with which to join in the excitement, when he noted an abandoned ship floating derelict some 75km away from our office. It belonged to Chebri… briefly.

Now it’s in our hangar, and the one unit of Tritanium it carried added to our stores. For it was indeed an Ibis (apparently Chebri met with a misfortune at some point recently, presumably at the hands of some other enemy), and now it’s both salvage and plunder.

Salvage is salvage, and if it formerly belonged to an enemy, so much the sweeter!

5 Responses to “First Plunder In Chebri’s War”

  1. Chebri says:


    nah, I’m minmatar. I’d get a reaper if I got smacked. I found the ibis floating around and used it to fly over to Muvolailen to pick up another ship.


  2. Manson69 says:

    Hi Marlenus, I, as a diplomat from ACME, would like to ask you just this question:

  3. Marlenus says:

    LOL, not very diplomatic to be sure, but admittedly, it’s funny as hell!

    I may very well be mad, but I’m having fun.

  4. Gulletsplitter says:

    So… spent 50 mil for a war dec on an Alliance to crow about a single unmanned Ibis score?

    Can I interest you in a slightly used Gallente shuttle for a cheap 45 mil?

  5. Marlenus says:

    LOL, someone is humor-impaired. If you can’t tell that we are laughing at ourselves here (for we are, truly, obsessive-compulsive about salvaging *everything*) than you missed the point of this post.

    Crowing we will save for significant kills, if any. Our war aims, however, might potentially be achieved without ever firing a shot.

    And it’s never, never, never about the ISK. Do you honestly think I spend my days salvaging ore in a Tech-II fitted transport, or probing out mission wrecks to salvage, for the ISK?

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