I just got a communique from Miss Iron, one of the early members of Ironfleet who hasn’t flown with us in a while. Hearing rumors of war, she apparently logged in and grabbed a neglected frigate from her noob days. As she put it: “Had to replenish the pod juice and the nanites seemed to have expired.”

Flying after I logged off last night, it turns out she found AC-ME’s Murdock Jones mining in a barge, feeling neglected and unloved by Ironfleet. Barreling in, she let fly with all barrels, tickling his Retriever variously with blasters, missiles, and rockets.

He, too, was alert on the warp button and gone in ten seconds, so Miss Iron salvaged what ore she could carry and blew the rest. For his part, Murdock Jones was subsequently seen patrolling in his assault frigate, but mined no more while Ironfleet was watching.

Good job Miss Iron — and it’s great to have you back! I look forward to seeing what you’ll do once we get you back into the ships you’re used to flying.

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  1. Murdock Jones says:

    Finally! I feel special. Thank you Miss Iron. I hope we meet again some day. Though, its not often I’m online when its 3 am here.

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