On about my third quick visit to the EVE universe today, I finally came upon a war target. During my usual salvage sweep of the belts, I came upon Garrikk of AC-ME mining, in a cruiser, with a jet can and a couple of combat drones out. Perfect! Just the sort of normal AC-ME member Chebri’s split-off was designed to protect. (And, thus, just the sort of target the Ironfleet war declaration was aimed at.)

Returning to the belt at comfortable cruise missile range, I uncloaked and let fly with the missiles. The first volley took Garrikk into armor. This was looking promising.

Unfortunately for the exercise of my very modest blood lust, Garrikk was alert and hot on the emergency warp button. Fortunately for him, he was gone before the second volley landed.

No matter, the name of this game is area denial, and he’s not mining here any more.

Checking local, I saw that Chebri had just appeared in system. Assuming that she is still sharing com channels with AC-ME, I figured that salvaging the jet can of ore was likely to be unduly tricky. So I blew it up (to deny it to the enemy), moved to a comfortable observation position, and cloaked.

I will admit that it pained me to explode perfectly good ore. But it made a lovely explosion.

About ten seconds later (and no more than forty or fifty seconds after the action ended) Chebri arrived in a battle cruiser. “Intelligence, that’s a roger on the sharing of com channels, make a note please?” Hanging a very careful 200 kilometers from the belt, she surveyed the empty system. Then, after some minutes, she warped closer to the belt (and further from me) and deployed ECM drones.

Whereupon we played the waiting game together. (That’s sort of like having lunch with Pancho Villa, but less nutritious.) Eventually, she grew bored of it, collected her drones, and left.

By that time, Garrikk had logged off. Excellent — one miner dissuaded from mining tonight. And, there were no further AC-ME targets in system. So I unfurled the day’s “Mission Accomplished” banner across the flight deck of my carrier (don’t I just wish) and called it a successful war outing.

5 Responses to “Finally, An AC-ME Target!”

  1. Miss Iron says:

    “Mission Accomplished”! ROTFL. Ouch, how many years ago did the President say that? Sigh

  2. Murdock Jones says:

    I have to say. I’m a little bit jealous. I’ve been mining all week now and you never picked me as a target. :( I’ve mined 4 or 5 full cans completely alone in a retriever. Given some times you were in the system and sometimes not. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Atleast I’m winning :P

  3. Marlenus says:

    Murdock, the only times I’ve had you in my sites, you were flying an assault frigate and were gone before I could get the missile run lined up. And of course I don’t spend all my time hunting you guys, there’s normal salvage duties to be seen to.

    Besides, I hear Miss Iron sent you packing last night.

  4. Chebri says:

    “About ten seconds later (and no more than forty or fifty seconds after the action ended) Chebri arrived in a battle cruiser. “Intelligence, that’s a roger on the sharing of com channels, make a note please?””

    Nope. That’s an assumption. A lie. (Am I being specific enough yet?)

  5. Marlenus says:

    Not an assumption, but rather an inference. I stated the inference, I stated the evidence, other people are free to draw their own inferences and reach their own conclusions about the facts.

    Me? I didn’t state a fact. And I didn’t try to deceive anyone. So, no possibility of a lie.

    You’re being very specific, but it’s just making you look foolish. Because you are pointing at things that aren’t even capable of being lies.

    If you looked hard enough, you could find factual statements I’ve made. And you could make contrary factual statements. And you could accuse me of lying about my version. And then we could do the whole he-said-she-said thing, and the world would know that somebody was lying, but nobody would know who.

    But, you haven’t done that. All you’ve done is disagree with my inferences and assumptions about (apparently) undisputed facts.

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