Don’t have all the details yet, but apparently late last night while Miss Iron was out shooting at AC-ME assets and generally looking for trouble, she found some. She met Aeternus Kahn of AC-ME when he came out of warp at warp-to-zero distance and scrambled her up in her Vexxor. I’m told the combat logs show that it took a full two and a half minutes for the battleship to do what battleships do best.

Ironfleet regrets the loss of a (fully insured Tech I) ship. The Iron Mistress was an elderly vessel with a storied history in the salvage industry — I do believe she was present almost a year and a half ago when Ironfleet pulled together all available cruisers (being the biggest ships we could fly, and ZOMG, we could shoot HEAVY MISSILES!) and went to throw rocks into the windows of an undefended POS because we were under the impression that salvageable goods might fall out. (They didn’t, but that’s when we learned that VampireZIM drinks carrot juice.)

Thank you Miss Iron!

2 Responses to “Score, Point To AC-ME”

  1. Gulletsplitter says:

    I don’t believe it….totally impossible…..a cruiser losing to a battleship! Never! ;) I’m saying this with complete sarcasm. Just sounds like she got caught outgunned. Happens…I’m sure it’ll go the other way sometime. Marlenus has been close a couple of times on I think.

    I haven’t heard much about it yet either from Aeternus. At least now we can say that between all the war parties (including all sides) that there has finally been a ship lost to actual combat. If we were going to have a war and the only ship loss for either side was going to be that Ibis…I was going to be mighty disappointed.

  2. Marlenus says:

    LOL, me too.

    I’ve had some good runs with the stealth bomber, but really to get a kill with that thing somebody has to screw up or I have to be uncharacteristically aggressive. We’ll see.

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